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Tuesday March 5, 2019, 6-8pm

Safety and Security for
Houses of worship

ONLY $30

location: west Ashley High school 

For Clergy, Office Staff, Ushers, Security and Safety Teams, and Youth Leaders - Learn to recognize the multitude of safety and security concerns which can affect your congregation and what you can do to address them as an organization, as a team, or as an individual. Topics of discussion include prevention of vandalism, theft, burglary, armed robbery and child-care safety. We will also address prevention of violence in its many forms, as well as strategies to survive them, including active-shooter incidents. We will discuss considerations in forming security and safety committees/teams/ministries, as well as writing safety plans for your house of worship. Additional on-site Security Surveys and planning services are available, with class-fees being deducted from the cost of those services up to $60. 

Register by Monday MARCH 4 by emailing with name, affiliation, phone and email address. 

COST FOR THIS CLASS is $30 per person - Click "By Now" button below to pay with Pay-Pal or Credit Card. For checks, email us for instructions. 

See this TV2 Video about the recent November 9, 2018 Training Event:  

And this TV 5 Coverage of the November 9, 2018 Training Event:  

Email  or call 843-308-1969 to inquire or to arrange personalized services for your staff or congregation. 



Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth Groups and parents

Available to Boy Scout and girl Scout organizations, faith-Based youth groups, Sports teams, etc - (also Neighborhoods, Parents' groups)

Using interactive presentation materials from the DEA and, The Crime Prevention Office can help equip your students to avoid the pitfalls of prescription and illegal drugs and grow up to be the successfull adults we need them to be. 

Unlike previous generations where students used to gradually slide down-hill from "gateway" drugs like alcohol and cigarettes to progressively more dangerous drugs, students now often become innocently and instantly addicted to opioids or other pain medicines prescribed after an injury or surgery. This has devastating effects on them and their families, and often results in their death (Numbers of drug-abuse-related deaths are now more than the numbers of soldiers lost in the entire Viet-Nam war EVERY YEAR). In the Charleston County area, these numbers are 3-Times the national average!

Contact The Crime Prevention Office,LLC today to set a date for a presentation to your group.  Presentations are in-person, approx. one hour (but can be longer), at your regular meeting place and time. Cost is minimal - $2 per person (25 person minimum). or call 843-308-1969 . 


Trevor Shelor
"Crime Prevention, Shelor, What can I do for you?…” is how Sgt. Trevor Shelor answered the telephone at the Charleston Police Department the last sixteen years of his 28 years at CPD. He is a Crime Prevention Specialist trained through ISCPP and is the President of SC State Association of Crime Prevention Officers (SACPO). He has performed hundreds of Security Surveys and dozens of CPTED Studies. He has addressed thousands of audiences of all sizes and age groups on varied Crime Prevention topics. He earned “SC Crime Prevention Officer of the Year” twice as well as receiving “Most Innovative Crime Prevention Program of the Year” honors. He has instructed over a hundred new CPOs statewide over the last decade.  Now that he has Retired, he continues to help residents, merchants, youth and seniors through “The Crime Prevention Office, LLC” with his in-depth security surveys and engaging public speaking style that have made him a household name in Charleston since 2002.