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Providing Expert Solutions for Crime Reduction in Charleston, SC

Your Source for Crime Reduction in Charleston, SC

Keep your business and surrounding neighborhood safe from crime by turning to The Crime Prevention Office. We offer solutions for crime prevention in Charleston, South Carolina, to prevent wrongdoing in stores, senior centers, corporations, and more. Contact us today for additional information about our armed robbery training or other security assistance.

Helpful Prevention Services

When you're looking to stop crimes before they happen in your company, you've come to the right place. We can assist you in keeping your employees safe from harm. To do this, we provide you with an on-site assessment with our shoplifting prevention services to identify security and safety risks. We look for factors that can lead to Shoplifting and Employee Theft, Burglary, Armed Robbery, and more.

Once these risks are identified, we then provide strategies to reduce them so that crime is less likely to occur. These strategies are given to you in written form. This can then be followed by a staff / membership presentation (see below). 

Turn to Us for Shoplifting Prevention in Charleston, SC


Seminars, Security Surveys, Staff & Congregational Presentations

Many requests for our services result from fears regarding extreme violence and hate crimes, but remember there are also many other kinds of criminals who may target a worship-center.

Our crime prevention office works with you to find the best solutions to keep your services welcoming while still allowing you to keep children and members in a secure environment, able to mitigate dangers that may arise. We do this with sensitivity to the needs of your congregation or needs specific to the facility.

The Security Survey will address all hazards using FEMA guidelines, and will include prevention of common theft and burglary, armed robbery, embezzlement, and also extend into child-care security practices, recognizing/ preventing child abuse and domestic violence, preventing workplace violence, and “Surviving an Active Shooter” presentation.  Our team has extensive theft and robbery training, and we understand the importance of safe security solutions for our clients.


The Crime Prevention Office can provide individual residents with residential security surveys, can help HOAs with common-area issues (vandalism, trespassing, etc) help you organize a Neighborhood Crime Watch, and is available to address community crime prevention concerns with written articles for newsletters etc. as well as speaking engagements (see below)

In-Person Presentations

The Crime Prevention Office, LLC offers speaking engagements on your schedule discussing numerous topics for audiences of all sizes and ages. If your requested topic is not on this list, just ask.


  • Prevention of  Shoplifting, Employee Theft, Armed Robbery
  •  Survive an Armed Robbery
  •  Preventing Workplace Violence
  •  Survive an Active Shooter



  • Safety & Security for Houses of Worship
  • Survive an Active Shooter



  • Neighborhood Crime Prevention (Burglary, Theft from Vehicles)
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • Survive an Active Shooter
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Drug Awareness and Prevention for Youth or Adults - SEE "UPCOMING TRAINING" PAGE